We pledge alligance to the mask

That we'll carry whiskey in our flask

And anyone to diss Undead

We'll leave a bloody mess of you

3 tears for you we all shall cry

All day, all night our flags will fly

The Undead Army

Till The Day We Die!





Founders TBD
Status Active
Realm Neutral
Style Traditional
Species Domestic cats
Tags TBD
Camp TBD
Theme Song TBD

Member Count

1. Ghostality



Loyalty is a must have. If anyone is caught betraying Undead, severe consequences will be placed forth.This includes tag color. Your tag must remain grey, and unless offering an adequate reason, consequences will be applied via how offensive.


Respect is a simple, basic rule. Respect your upper ranks and all members of the group despite prior rivalries. Depending on how disrespectful you are, the consequence will vary.


I understand everyone has times they can't be serious, but when roleplaying goofiness is not acceptable. Proper grammar must always be used, no "XD's", ":3's", "u's" "r's", etc. If you can't fully write out "you", how can we trust you to defend the group?


Everyone has drama from time to times, but avoiding drama as much as possible is a must. In roleplay, a little is fine, but constantly bringing up life-threatening drama is too much. Causing drama may result in a severe offense depending on what plays out.


Absolutely not. Double-grouping is a serious offense, and if anyone is caught in another group, whether it be clan, pack, pride, etc. you will be expunged from any and all of this group unless proper evidence appears.


Just no. No cat can kill a lion or wolf in one scratch. You fight fair, and absolutely no "NN", "NM", just nothing say "No (something)". It's naive and frankly annoying. If caught powerplaying proper consequences will be applied.


Wolves are to be used at all times while roleplaying. Wolves are used for all ranks, and if seen using a different animal, a verbal warning will be placed. If this is offended more than once, consequences will be held.


If you are to be inactive for more than a few days, please contact one of the high ranks via message wall, so you won't be removed from the counter completely.


Undead is not a hotel. Once you leave, you will not be welcomed back with open arms. Many will not be allowed to rejoin once they left, especially if they have broken a protocol. Once you join, we expect full commitment.

Masked (x2)
The Masked are the leaders of the group. They create and enforce the rules and are not to be challenged or disrespected.
Name Username Gender Breed Rank Little Owl Theme Song
YoTBD Ghostality Tom TBD Masked None


N/A Molly/Tom N/A Masked None



This training excersize is used for the understanding of when to, and not to trust. In this, one feline, chosen by the being controlling the activities that day, chooses a single member to be the contaminated on via jamagrams. The chosen one will not share who they are until after the game has started. On the count of three, you will have fifteen seconds to use the map and find a chosen land, after that you must travel through portals. You are not allowed to use the map or view the location of where people are via friend list. If you are uncontaminated, then you have the option of forming alliances or going rogue. If you happen to be found by a contaminated, you must fight. If the contaminated wins: the loser than joins their team and searches for other healthy members. If the safe one wins; than the contaminated one leaves shortly and the healthy runs. The game ends when either all members are contaminated and or if the healthy manage to outlast the timer. Each event lasts anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the games.


Ambuscade is a game of surprise where each member of the clan hides somewhere along a pathway, and have attacks ready. As one member walks along the path, they have to be ready for anyone to attack. During each battle the winner continues forwards, and the loser takes the hiding spot. The activity ends when there is no one left to fight.

Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag is a game where the clan members split in half and each choose a land. Each team must reach the designated land, and have all their members upon the land to win. If encountering the opposing team, the members must battle it out. If you lose in a match you must return back to your teams base. No teleporting, nor viewing where your other team mates are.


Enchanted Hollows Server: Drava
Fogged Ruins Server: Drava
Temple of zios


Acceptable Pelt Colors
Acceptable Eye Colors
Eye colors

Head Neck Back Legs Tail
Skull Helmet Spiked Collar Elf Armor Elf Gauntlets X
Flower Crown Leaf Necklace Spartan Armour Legendary Gloves X
Spring Flower Crown Feather Necklace Sword Leaf Bracelets X
Big Skull X X X X

Head Neck Back Legs Tail
Fox Hat Jamaladay Scarf Pirate Sword Glove X
Spring Flower Crown X Worn Freedom Bracelet X
Spring Flower Crown Feather Necklace Sword Leaf Bracelets X



Limitations is a list of amount of disabilities that only a certain number can take place in roleplay.

Blind (0/5)

Blind in left eye (0/3)

Blind in right eye (0/3)

Deaf (0/5)

Deaf in left ear (0/3)

Deaf in right ear (0/3)

Missing limbs (0/10)

Mental Disorders (0/4)

Physical Disorders (0/6)

Paralysis (0/4)


Group Leader Username Deputy Status Date Started


Name Group Description Result Date


Joining Form
∆Joining∆ Name:




Desired Rank:

Roleplay Example:

Chat Status:

Member Status:

Why do you wish to join OwlClan?

Past Assosiations?:

Loyalty Oath:

Any other ways of contact?:


Allying Form
∆Allying∆ Group name and page:

Leader's name & username:

Second in command's name & username:

Why do you wish to ally with us?:

How can our groups benefit?:

Loyalty Oath:

Other forms of communication?:


Leaving Form
∆Leaving∆ Username:


What could we have done better?:


✖ Ban List ✖
The ban list is the list showing the members who are not allowed to return.

No one as of now.