the ruling faction


The Alpha is the leader of the Group and is the highest, most powerful rank of them all. The Alpha is able to make important decisions on the behalf of the pack and will always have the final say. They deserve and will receive high amounts of respect and punishments will be given if not so.


The Lieutenant is the deputy of the pack and second in command when the leader dies he/she will take her/his place. The Lieutenant also helps the Alpha make decisions as well as deciding patrols. This rank is the second most powerful of them all, and they deserve high amounts of respect from their fellow tribe members.


The Regent acts as a co-deputy to the Lieutenant, and while they share similar responsibilities, the Lieutenant has more authority than the Regent. They will move up to Lieutenant if the Alpha or Regent dies. This is the fourth most powerful ranking in the pack and will receive respect from their pack members. When the Regent dies, an Elite Legionary or, in some cases, a Legionary will take their place.

the commanding faction

Conflict Mandate(0/1)

A Conflict Mandate is like a War Commander. They are in charge of all battles and wars. They must make sure they have the right people in the right places during a battle.

Armed Conflicts

The Armed Conflicts of Forsaken Empire are to be respected extremely. For they are known for their strength and iron fists. They do not back down from spars or battle. They are like a punisher.

the large faction

Elite Legionaries(2/5)

One of the Alphas' most trusted Felines/Domesticated Canines/Wolves, as they are able to participate in some of the Alphas' meetings and have the ability to command lower ranks, however they still have to take orders from those who are above them. They are allowed to put their opinions toward strong decisions for the pack. These Felines/Domesticated Canines/Wolves become Elite when the Alphas' feels they could trust them with their lives. You can't join the pack as an Elite.


Legionaries are your typical warriors. They went through their training and now serve the tribe. They are some of the least respected, but that doesn't mean they aren't important, they help with the youths and prodigies. They are dedicated to hunting for Forsaken Empire, and put their life on the line to defend/battle for the pack.


These Felines/Domesticated Canines/Wolves are in training to get their special rank and their mentors help them get there.

the health faction

Head Mender(1/3)

The Head Menders are in charge of the other menders, and they're the highest rank of Menders. They save many lives and are some of the pack's most crucial Felines/Domesticated Canines/Wolves. In battles, they go out and assist the wounded members of the pack. There is one for each species group: Feline, Domestic Canine, and Wolf.


The Menders are medics, that also hold respect, but not as high as the Head Mender. They save many lives and are some of the pack's most crucial Felines/Domesticated Canines/Wolves. They stay at camp during battles, and they assist the Head Menders.

the contained faction


These young Cats/Domesticated Canines/Wolves are the future of the pack and stay with their mothers, and inside the camp, until they become Trainees.</p>


These Felines/Domesticated Canines/Wolves have served the pack time and time again, due to old age, they retire and become Seniors. They deserve respect, and they (along with the Youths) are the first in the pack to be fed. You cannot join the pack as a Senior.


Omegas are the least respected in the pack. You can only become an Omega if you do something to earn it. (Ex: Disrespecting an Alpha nonstop) If you leave Forsaken Empire, you will be an Omega for 2 days. One cannot forever be an Omega; it's temporary. Once your loyalty is proven again or you learned your lesson, you will be a Legionary again.


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